Going on an island can be a great way to spend a summer vacation away from busy downtowns and traffic jams on highways. In fact, this type of land gives boaters an opportunity to dock their vehicles and explore the natural environments around them. In addition, islands from around the world can offer a variety of tourism advantages such as national parks and hiking trails. The list would go on from volcano observations to waterfalls to archaeological artifacts.

Only 2 islands have a reputation as one of the best eco-friendly places for boaters. The best eco-friendly scenarios for boaters and marinas are: (1) Dominica in the Caribbean Sea, (2) Vanuatu near Australia, and (3) How those two islands can teach other islands about being eco-friendly.

Dominica in the Caribbean Sea

Dominica is a small country that lies on the islands between San Juan and Trinidad and Tobago. This island is also located in the Caribbean Sea and it resides approximately southeast of the Dominican Republic. Despite being a small island, Dominica is known for its eco-friendly atmosphere because of the natural attractions, exotic wildlife, and energy preservation plans.

According to the Huffington Post, the island is home to the Boiling Lake and the water’s steamy temperature is on a range from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit. Dominica also hosts one of the greatest wildlife adventures. The Green Dairy said that the country can hold up to five volcanoes in addition to thick rainforests and mountainous terrains. EcoWatch.com revealed that the island recently developed a project that focuses on finding ways to minimize energy consumption. From natural surroundings to going green, it appears that Dominica has a variety to offer for boaters and marinas.

Vanuatu Near Australia

Vanuatu is a set of islands that is located just east of Australia. Even though this set of islands is not as big as Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu can impress boaters and marinas alike based on the three components: archaeological history, natural environment, and climate change procedures.

First, Vanuatu can provide some ancient artifacts that are located in the Oceania region. For example, Green Dairy stated that the country has a 3,000-year old native culture and its citizens can speak up to 100 languages (foreign and indigenous). Second, Vanuatu is home to unique natural surroundings near Australia. For instance, the Huffington Post said that the set of islands can host a variety of native wildlife from coral reefs to blue waters to fresh grasslands. Finally, Vanuatu is committed to the effects of global warming when it comes to preserving the integrity of its own country. According to EcoWatch.com, the set of islands would come up with ways to manage climate change by farming freshwater tilapia. Vanuatu should have a reputation as a tourism option if boaters and residents from Australia are looking for an eco-friendly vacation.

Dominica and Vanuatu are the perfect examples of islands that provide eco-friendly atmospheres. The Dominica Yacht Club, located in the country of the same name, offers up to one hundred boat slips in addition to waste collection services. The Yachting World in Vanuatu is known for operating a bar and restaurant as well as being known for managing trash disposals and fuel wharfs. Not only can the importance of the eco-friendly environment make a difference to both Dominica and Vanuatu, but this idea can also make an influence to other countries around the world.