Marinas can be a great place to dock your boat and look at the waterfront view. In fact, marinas can become an option in terms of getting ready for fishing trips and scuba diving adventures. However, Marina Dock Age Magazine contributor Daniel Natchez said that the Baby Boomers era (World War II) is the current demographic age for visitors. That could mean there isn’t enough young visitors to spend the weekend at the marinas. And without a steady stream of future boaters, marinas may suffer in both the short term and the long term.

Natchez also said that marinas need to find a way to attract more families with children in order to stay operational year-round. To make marinas more child-friendly, various companies should implement the three main components: outdoor and recreational activities, residential opportunities for families, and world class examples of child-oriented marinas.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Outside activities help families and children stay physically active.  In addition, getting your child to experience the fun activities in the marina environment places a great attachment to marinas and boating.  A local marina can host different types of activities to bring families with children into the marina world.  Not only does it increase overall exposure, it may immediately increase revenue with purchases of services or products from the marina store.  The marine industry should attract children of all ages by focusing on the three components: outdoor festivities, indoor events, and seasonal holiday specials.

First, a local marina would entertain a child by having certain types of equipment or facilities such as a park, swimming pool, slides and more. Second, marinas consider some indoor activities like games (board games as well as video games).  And the marina may even consider having areas for children’s birthday parties.  Finally, various marinas from across the U.S. can become a year-round destination if they host holiday-themed events within the property. They can hold creative activities such as the Easter Egg Hunt at the Marina park, Santa’s Workshop at the official marine building, and Fourth of July Fireworks. As long as marin