What is the hardest part about purchasing for companies?  Companies don’t know what they need to buy and they don’t know when they need to buy it.

You know the story.  You go out to purchase something that you need in your shop or office.  And you run to Home Depot or Lowe’s.  You grab what you need to get.  Then you think “do I need toilet paper?”  You think, “well I should just go ahead and get some.”  Then you say, “hmmm…do I need some cleaning supplies.”  And you either choose to buy or not.

The result is you are buying from THE WRONG PLACE and at THE WRONG TIME.  You end up with a 3 month supply of toilet paper (at a higher price).  You have plenty of surface cleaning supplies but no trash bags, etc.  You make too many trips to too many stores and you don’t even know what stores are the best for which products.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could eliminate all of this?

What if you could get the guaranteed best price, and have someone help you set up the optimized buying cycle for YOUR business?  You would know when to buy cleaning supplies, trash bags, pens, paper, light bulbs and more to maximize your cash flow and minimize quantities on hand.

You would then have detailed information on your usage and buying cycles and could automate all or part of your buying.

Now you are buying the RIGHT things at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.

And this is exactly what supply chain management does.